The Fujifilm X100V is our new number one compact camera – here's why

Fujifilm X100V
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Compact cameras can feel like an anachronism in the age of ludicrously capable smartphones, but the Fujifilm X100V proves that there's still a place in our for them in our pockets – it's officially our new number one compact camera.

In our full Fujifilm X100V review we praised its combination of stylish looks, image quality and practical improvements on its predecessor, which include a new tilting touchscreen that sits completely flush with the body.

This means the X100V treads the fine line between adding practical improvements and retaining the iconic, retro design that has made the series so popular since it arrived back in 2011.

In our review we said: "The X100V is a great street photography sidekick that takes the series to new heights. Its tilting screen brings some welcome versatility, while the new sensor, autofocus system and viewfinder make it a fun, engaging travel camera."

We also praised the camera's redesigned lens, which produces excellent image quality right through its f/2 to f/16 aperture range, and the X100V's ability to handle noise at higher ISO sensitivities.

Fujifilm X100V

(Image credit: Future)

Specialist snapper

The Fujifilm X100V was close to getting full marks, but a few factors saw it fall just short. One is related to the camera's overall concept – while the fixed lens design works well and gives it a pocketable form factor, it's certainly not for everyone. 

The restriction of having no zoom can help spark creativity and it's also a good way for beginners to learn their craft, but X100V's relatively high price (see above) means this limitation gives it a more specialist, niche appeal.

Our review also had a few minor criticisms, including the fact that you need an optional 'weather resistance' kit to make it fully weather-proof and the lack of a ND filter option in video mode.

But aside from these quibbles there was little to complain about and the X100V makes a compelling case for the continued existence of premium compact cameras, even in the age of computational photography. In fact, you can read more about why we think that's the case in our 'Why the Fujifilm X100V is a better street photography camera than my iPhone 11 Pro' feature.

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