A new Moto G8 phone could come with a stylus, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Moto G8 Plus
An upcoming Moto phone with a stylus looks a lot like the Moto G8 Plus, above (Image credit: Future)

We've heard rumors that Motorola is working on a smartphone with a stylus, and new leaked hands-on pictures of it reveal something intriguing – the device could actually be a part of the Moto G8 series, not the upcoming flagship we were expecting.

These images come from a site called Xataka (a Mexican tech site) and 91Mobiles, with the latter citing 'reliable sources' as the supplier.

The handset shown in the images looks a lot like the Moto G8 Plus, from the punch-hole camera cut-out in the top left corner of the screen, to the distinctive rear camera layout. In fact, if it wasn't for the stylus in the picture, we'd instinctively assume the handset shown was that device.

However we don't recognize the stylus from anywhere else, as it's definitely different to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10's S Pen, the Nintendo DS Stylus, and every other touchscreen stylus we could find online, so if the images are fake, they're not obviously so.

In one of the images you can slightly see the stylus poking out the bottom right corner of the smartphone, and you can also see the end of the stylus is diagonal, implying it's inserted into the phone at an angle from one of the corners, rather than from directly below like in the Galaxy Note devices.

At the bottom right corner of the left image you can see the stylus poking out slightly

At the bottom right corner of the left image you can see the stylus poking out slightly (Image credit: Xataka)

It's also worth pointing out there's a noticeable chin and bezel on the phone, which suggests this phone isn't the anticipated Motorola flagship, and could be a budget device, just like the rest of the Moto G8 series.

This phone definitely isn't the Moto G8 Plus or G8 Play (which have already been announced), but it could be the base Moto G8, G8 Power, or perhaps another G8 phone that doesn't have a predecessor.

Leaks suggest it will be called the Moto G Stylus, but that name's achingly boring and also drops the Motorola G numbering convention, so we're not sure for now.

We're expecting Motorola to launch its new smartphones at MWC 2020, with the flagship and new Moto G8 phones all expected to be there. TechRadar will be on the ground at the event, so stay tuned to find out if this Motorola stylus phone makes an appearance or not.

Via GSMArena

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