Google TV sacks off Intel, jumps to ARM

Google TV sacks off Intel, jumps to ARM
Now with less intel, more arms

Google has dumped Intel architecture in its new Google TV products in favour of the ARM-based Marvell Armada 1500 chipset.

The new televisions will be showcased at CES 2012 next week, complete with the Marvell Armada 1500 HD Media System-on-a-chip which should mean lower prices and better power efficiency than the Intel-made predecessors.

What's more, the passive cooling system means no whirring fans to distract you from whatever it is you're watching.


"The Google and Marvell teams have been working closely together to bring our combined software and chipset technologies to market to grow the Google TV ecosystem of manufacturers and devices," said Mario Queiroz, VP of product management at Google TV.

"Marvell-powered Google TV solutions will enable powerful products to be brought to market at attractive prices."

Both LG and Samsung have talked up their interest in Google TV televisions and, although Samsung said it won't be able to show its TV set off at the show, we're expecting to see more than one launching at CES 2012 next week.

And of course TechRadar will be out in Vegas to bring you our expert thoughts on the new televisions as they launch – it's a hard life, we know.

From Marvell via SlashGear

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