Cheap OLED TVs are still years away, Samsung is 'really, terribly sorry' to report

Why you should be suspicious of super-cheap 4K TVs
We weep. We sob. We rend our garm.

The price of OLED TVs isn't going to fall significantly for a good few years yet, Samsung's VP of Visual Display has revealed.

Television tech usually starts pricey and drops, drops and drops some more until mere mortals like you and I can afford it - but it looks as though OLED is following the start pricey, stay pricey, stay pricey... and maybe eventually approach affordability.

"I'm really, really terribly sorry to say this, but it will take more time... I believe it will take around three to four years," a mournful HS Kim told USA Today.

Manufacturing woes

He went on to explain that manufacturing OLED panels is notoriously tricky and plants just aren't turning out enough sellable screens to bring the price down.

So for a while you'll either have to invest upwards of £5,000 / US$8,000 / AU$8,300 to nab an OLED TV - and be wary of the super-cheap 4K sets that are starting to show up.

We've put together a pretty stellar list of alternative options in our guide to the best TVs out there.

It's better news for 4K fanatics, though. As you might have guessed from the constant stream of Ultra HD capable TVs launching at CES 2014, the format is on the cusp of breaking out.

Kim says that it'll proliferate quicker than Full HD did: "The only difference between Full HD and UHD is that the UHD trend will take place faster."

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