Dish's Sling TV streams ESPN, the Disney Channel and more for $20 a month

Sling TV
You ready to sling your TV?
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Dish's long-rumored over-the-top streaming service has a name. Even more importantly, it actually exists.

Meet Sling TV, a $20/month option aimed at offering a choice content selection to users. I say choice because at launch Sling TV will only have 13 channels, but they are things you may actually want to watch, like live football games on ESPN and Food Network programs.

A company spokesperson was sure to point out that Sling TV isn't meant to compete with Netflix and Hulu, but rather offer a compliment of content. It's an astute point since neither of those services show live television.

The service will launch within weeks, and appealingly you don't need to be a Dish subscriber to use Sling TV.

Sling time

Though the launch package is a baker's dozen of channels, some add-on packages are coming down the road. The Kids and News programming will offer additional selections in their niches. These additional add-ons will cost $5 a month more, the company spokesperson said.

Sling TV is supported by the likes of Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, the Google Nexus Player, Roku's devices, LG Smart TVs, iOS and Android devices, Macs and PCs.

Microsoft also announced Sling TV is coming to the Xbox One "in the coming weeks." Since it doesn't look like the PS4 or other consoles are ready to jump on board yet, Microsoft is rewarding Xbox Live members with a free one-month trial.

The service will be available everywhere in the US, no contract required.

Hopping to 4K and other hardware

Dish did bring some hardware to Las Vegas, including a 4K UHD Joey. According to Dish, it's the first pay-TV receiver to offer 4K UHD playback. The new Joey will be available in the summer.

4K Joey

The DVR goes 4K

The company is also putting its nose to 4K video on-demand content.

Further on the home entertainment front, a new service called the Whole-Home Music Solution was announced, and Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn are counted as partners. Dish is also partnering with Vevo to bring music video streaming to its products.

Dish also revealed a new stripped down remote, one that features 19 buttons as opposed to the traditional 53, a trackpad and voice control.

Finally, a new Hopper UI will make its way to users. The simplified design has a more fluid navigation set-up and aims for greater accessibility.

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