Sky invests in video startup Pluto.TV, suggests big things ahead for Sky Go

Sky's latest buy is a little intriguing

(Probably not) off the back of the news that Pluto may reclaim is planet status again, Sky has just chucked a load of money at Pluto.TV, a US-based service that pulls together online video content into easy-to-navigate channels.

Sky's invested $500,000 into the platform, in a move that suggests it may be looking to use the tech to boost its Sky Go service, among other possibilities.

Sky's remaining coy on the specific reasons behind the buy, but there's certainly a calling for a more comprehensive online aggregation platform in the UK, and this could be just the ticket.

Emma Lloyd, Director, Corporate Business Development at Sky, said in a statement: "This partnership enables Sky to draw on the ground-breaking work Pluto.TV are doing to help viewers discover and enjoy the best of online TV through an intuitive and editorially rich TV platform. As we learn about new trends in the way people watch TV, we look forward to sharing our own expertise in content creation, packaging and promotion."

Hugh Langley

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