Queen checks out 3D speech with sparkly custom specs

Queen checks out 3D speech with sparkly custom specs
Bit nicer than this pair, we'd wager

The Queen will be comin' atcha in 3D this Christmas Day, so the eighteen of you with 3D TVs in your living rooms can enjoy her seasonal message of hope and goodwill in three dimensions.

Of course, The Queen didn't get to be The Queen without keeping a close eye on her pre-records, so she's donned a pair of 3D specs to give her Christmas message the once-over.

The Queen doesn't just wear any old 3D glasses though; no, she wears specially-made blinged out Swarovski crystal encrusted ones that will have the cast of TOWIE quivering with envy.

She will rock you

The crystals form a letter Q on each side (for Queen, presumably, although she may have preferred an E and not just being defined as her job title but as a person).

It's not the first time Queen Elizabeth II has rocked this particular pair - she first wore them in 2010 during a visit to Toronto, although we doubt they've seen much action since then.

A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace said that the Queen thought the 3D footage was "absolutely lovely". We look forward to snoozing through it on Christmas Day at 3pm.

Via The Guardian

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