Mad Max: Fury Road scores six Oscars, misses out on Best Picture

Mad Max Fury Road
Mad Max Fury Road

While Leonardo DiCaprio winning his first Oscar is the story of the night, I thought - half joking and half seriously - that he might lose Best Actor to the cast of Mad Max: Fury Road.

In a tremendous show of force, the film won a whopping six awards, all in the audio and visual categories: Costume Design, Film Editing, Makeup and Hair, Production Design, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. Its six statues were the most for any movie Sunday night.

At one point, after Fury Road had won three awards in a row, it became a running joke, with comedian and presenter Louis C.K. quipping, "And the winner for Best Documentary Short is … Mad Max: Fury Road? I'm kidding. It's A Girl in the River."

Social media also had a field day with its success:

Buzzfeed Mad Max

(Credit: BuzzFeed/Facebook)

The hazing will surely continue well into the morning, but many of Fury Road's wins were well deserved. Costume, production and makeup and hair design were all on-point, and helped to usher the series' signature post-apocalyptic look into 21st century film.

And though six wins are incredible, Fury Road did miss out on the biggest award of the night: Best Picture. George Miller also lost to Alejandro González for the Best Director nod. It's a bitter pill to swallow considering how well received the film was, but it is going home with some shiny new hardware.

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