LG's unique 4 Colour Pixel: makes the world more lifelike

LG 4 Colour Pixel
Four Colour Pixel for More Vivid Colours

Colour's important, isn't it? If you're watching your wedding video, you want to see your mum's hat in all its feather-festooned, fuschia glory. If you're watching sport, you want the grass to look green. Posses of cowboys should stampede past under the richest azure skies. The walls of the pubs in British soap operas should look kind of brown.

Colour TV changed the way we saw the world, bringing visuals to life; making the moving image seem real. For decades, TV colour, from cathode ray tubes to the sub-pixels in flatscreens, has been delivered via three parts of the spectrum – red, green and blue (RGB). But now LG wants to heighten your perceptions again with 4 Colour Pixel.

The technical facts

4 Colour Pixel adds a white sub-pixel to the usual red, green and blue array – the first time such a system has been used in a TV. The 4th colour pixel lets you see more sub-pixels onscreen, creating a more detailed and full picture. The colour range and accuracy are enhanced so images are more vivid and colour blends more subtle and consistent.

Meanwhile, LG's Colour Refiner manages the accuracy and consistency of your onscreen hues, increasing the realism still further. Put 4 Colour Pixel OLED sets side by side with old-school LED RGB TVs and the difference should be clear.

The emotional results

Movies and TV are brought to vivid life. More than ever, you feel the emotional charge as your football/rugby/lacrosse/kabbadi team runs out in its sacred colours, on rich, green turf. Watching your favourite film, it's like you're seeing it for the first time, as the lifelike colours draw you in. Cartoons and FX-driven blockbusters become total sensory overload. The pub walls in British soap operas? They're still brown. But richer brown.

It's worth noting that the colour achieved by OLED TVs is already more accurate than what you'll find on LED TVs. Add 4 Colour Pixel and onscreen worlds become even more lifelike and real. It's a game changer.

Colour your life

Colour is among the most essential features on a new telly. It's one of the first things you look for when auditioning a new set in the shop, and it keeps the experience enjoyable for years after you take it home. Sure, contrast, clarity, smooth motion and smart TV connected services are essential - and LG's OLED sets have them in spades - but it's rich, accurate colour that makes watching movies at home feel so much more cinematic, makes sport really pop and your favourite TV shows sparkle.

So, are you ready for colour that's fresher and more lifelike than ever? 4 Colour Pixel is in LG's full-HD 55EC930V. LG has set out to tick every box with this TV; it's beautifully designed, curved, has OLED screen tech and, thanks to 4 Colour Pixel, delivers the truest lifelike colours to your living room. It's a proper tech-head's telly: future-proofed and available now.

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