LG's 55" curved OLED TV goes on sale for £8k

LG's 55" curved OLED TV goes on sale for £8k
It's out of this world, is presumably what LG is saying with this shot

If you've got £7,999 going spare and live in a lighthouse, then we have great news for you: LG's curved OLED TV is going on sale this week.

Yes, from Saturday you can pop into one of several Currys or PC World stores to buy the LG 55EA980W TV which features a slightly bent OLED screen for your immersive viewing pleasure.

If you simply cannot bear to wait another day, you can order the TV online from the retailers today.

Curvy dog

It's not quite as exciting as LG's 77-inch curved OLED that dazzled us at IFA 2013, but the 55-inch version is a fair substitute.

The LG 55EA980W packs plenty of tech into its slender 4.5mm-thick frame - OLED display, 3D playback and conversion, internet connectivity, a carbon fibre backpanel and WRGB pixel science for top notch contrast and colour reproduction.

But we're not completely sold on the concept of a curved OLED TV. Our columnist Steve May wrote, "Is there really any point in buying a TV that bends it like Beckham? If you're a consumer, absolutely none at all."

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