LG 55-inch OLED TV pricing revealed

LG 55EM9600
Huge set, slim bezel

TechRadar first spied LG's monster TV back at CES in January, but now comes word on a price and release date.

The huge OLED set will cost around 8,000 euros (£6,400, over $10,000). Ouch. The TV will find its way into flagship stores for July, but if you're one of the few to order one, it won't arrive until Christmas time.

So bad luck if you planned on watching the 100m final at this summer's Olympics on one.

LG showed off the TV at an event in Monaco. The set, named the 55EM9600, has changed very slightly since its unveiling at CES.

Slim bezel

The display base has been enlarged, and it now features a carbon fibre back.

Its LG Cinema Screen design means it has a super slim bezel, meaning more screen real estate. It's also just 4mm thin. So while it may take up a fair part of your lounge, it won't encroach into your legroom.

The set is 3D, as you'd expect for this price. Actually, for this price you might expect the actors to come round and perform the film in your lounge.

OLED sets have come a long way in recent years. While this set is still far from affordable, it's a huge leap from the first OLED set to go on sale in the UK.

That was a Sony model, and was just 11-inches across. Three years ago, that would have cost you £3,489. So while LG's set may still be for the few, at least it shows larger OLED set are on the way.

Joe Svetlik

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