Toshiba serves up new line of 4K Ultra HD TVs, stays tight-lipped on pricing

Toshiba L9400
Maximum entertainment

CES 2014 is as expected turning out to be a 4K Ultra HD TV showcase, and Toshiba is lining up its own high-def entries right here in Vegas.

First up is Toshiba's top of the line L9400 4K Ultra HD TV, which will flaunt 58-, 65-, and 84-inch flavors.

To help power its 4K resolution the L9400 uses a Cinema Quality 4K Quad + Dual Core Engine, which upscales non-4K content with better resolution restoration, motion interpolation and color enhancement.

In other words, Toshiba isn't just doubling lines.

Panel talk

On top of its extremely high-def picture, the Japanese electronics company boasted the TV utilizes its latest new Radiance LED panel, though not in the 84-inch version of the L9400. Instead, that flavor boasts a blazing 240Hz refresh rate.

The in-house Radiance LED panel is said to output whites with twice the brightness compared to a traditional LCD. To counter bright, washed-out pictures, the panel also features "quantum level" local dimming in its full array of LEDs for deeper blacks.

To round out the package, Tosh said the panel implements its new Labyrinth speaker system that blows out sound waves through a maze on the back panel, increasing sound pressure for louder tones and bass.

Covering all the 4K bases

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The Toshiba L8400 brings 4K viewing in a non-84-inch package

On the slightly less premium scale Toshiba trotted out the L8400 58-inch Ultra HD 4K TV. The television is also powered by the CQ 4K Quad + Dual Core Engine. Overall, the L8400 is practically the same as the premium L9400 models, except it does come in a thin poster frame body.

Not to leave its 4K viewers up a creak without a paddle, Tosh's new 4K TVs have been future proofed with four HDMI 2.0 ports, which support 4K at 60fps. The 4K TVs are also equipped with built-in Voice Control, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HDCP 2.2 to watch 4K streaming content.

In a few other notable additions, Toshiba announced the L7400 series as the very first tier of TVs that receive its new Radiance LED backlit panel technology and a slightly beefed up Cinema Quality Dual + Single Core Engine. The 1080p panel comes in a 55-inch screen size complete with the Labyrinth speaker system.

The company also announced a new BDX5500 4K Blu-Ray player for even more media options. Meanwhile, audiophiles may perk their ears up at the SBX4250S 300-watt sound bar and subwoofer sound system.

Toshiba 4K TV pricing and availability

Toshiba wasn't quite ready to announce pricing, but you can expect Toshiba's new 4K TVs to start shipping later this summer.

In the nearer term, the 1080p HDTVs and other new media toys will arrive within the first three months of 2014.

Stay tuned as, we're sure to eyes-on time Toshiba's new TVs shortly.

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