Dish introduces second-screen iPad app, offline DVR content on iPad

Dish Hopper Explorer
The Dish Explorer app will launch on Tuesday

Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton took the stage at a CES press conference on Monday to introduce some new features for the Dish Hopper DVR, plus a new Hopper box with Sling built in.

The Dish Explorer app for iPad turns the Apple tablet into a second screen for TV viewers, allowing them to control content playback, view the channel guide and explore live and DVR content.

The Dish Explorer app also recommends programming "based on real-time TV viewing and social media trends," according to a Dish press release distributed during the press conference.

The Dish Explorer app for iPad will be available for free starting Tuesday.

Hopper with Sling

Clayton also introduced the new Hopper with Sling, a "whole-home HD DVR" with Dish's Sling technology and Wi-Fi capabilities built in.

Sling, which sends Hopper content to any device with a "Dish Anywhere" app, is "easier to use" in the new Hopper with Sling, said Clayton.

The device's new Broadcom 7425 processor grants it a faster and more responsive UI, as well.

In addition, a new "Hopper Transfers" app will allow viewers to take Hopper content to go and watch it offline on an iPad.

The content transfer app is also free, and will become available alongside the new Hopper with Sling some time during the next few weeks.

Dish CEO Joseph Clayton dances with the company mascot

CEO and mascot dance

Dish's evolution

After taking a moment to dance with Dish kangaroo mascot Hopper, Clayton described Dish's recent transformation before delving into specific announcements.

Clayton said that Dish is now "a more customer-centric business" than it was a year ago. "We embrace change, we embrace technology, and we most certainly embrace the consumer," he said.

The major challenge now, Clayton said, was trying to "top the Hopper," and that's what the company has aimed to do with the Hopper with Sling.

The Hopper with Sling continues to offer signature Hopper functions like the "auto hop" commercial skipper and "primetime anytime," which automatically records primetime television on multiple networks at once.

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