Big boost for Sky Go as it gains 14 new channels

Big boost for Sky Go as it gains 14 new channels
Sky Go - more channels available

Sky's popular Sky Go streaming and on demand service has been handed a timely boost, with 14 new channels arriving including Dave, Alibi and the Discovery.

The service has proven something of a hit for Sky since its launch, offering a streaming service on devices such as phone, tablet and laptop through a browser.

The total number of channels available now through the service is 57, including the six sports and 11 movies offerings available for people who have those particular packages in their subscription.

Do it like they do

The channels joining the service are MTV, Comedy Central, Gold, Watch, Dave, Alibi, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, History, Good Food and Eden.

With one week in October boasting 3 million streams for Sky Go, VOD and streaming is clearly becoming mainstream, and the Sky Go Extra download service has also been a hit.

Last, but not least, people who have forked out extra to be able to cache content onto their device are also getting a boost with ABC television having done a deal with Sky which means that programmes like Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy are now available.

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