Apple iTV will be made by Foxconn, if it ever gets made

Apple iTV will be made by Foxconn, if it ever gets made
Not actual design

The rumours surrounding Apple making a TV could well be true, with the chairman of Foxconn letting slip some details.

Apple hasn't confirmed or denied that it is working on a television but the top bods at Foxconn understand that the computing giant is close to bringing Apple iTV to market, although production of the TV has yet to begin.

This is according to China Daily, which is quoting Foxconn chairman Terry Gou about the TV who explains that it will be produced at the Foxconn plant and its venture with Sharp is one of the main reasons for this.

Apple vision

The site also believes that the TV will have an aluminium chassis and come packing Siri and FaceTime.

This backs another leak earlier this month by someone who reckons they have seen the television in action and it looks like a massive Cinema Display.

Foxconn has a very good relationship with Apple and the news that conditions in the plant are set to improve is also welcome.

What Gou's quotes don't allude to is an Apple iTV release date. And the actual name of the TV – given that ITV is a brand already up and running in the UK.

It seems more and more likely that we will see an Apple-branded TV later this year, though – something that will no doubt be sending shivers down the spine of Samsung, Sony, LG and any other manufacturer with a vested interest in smart TVs.

Marc Chacksfield

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