Apple iTV specs outed by Best Buy?

Best Buy outs possible Apple iTV specs
Where's the Angry Birds app, dammit!

So excited is Best Buy by the money-making possibilities of the currently-imaginary Apple TV set that it is including it in a customer survey, complete with some specs that may or may not be legit.

What Best Buy reckons Apple has up its sleeve is a 42-inch LED set with 1080p (Full HD) resolution, calling it Apple HDTV (although we're sure Apple has a catchier i-prefixed product name in mind).

The retailer supposes that the iTV will run iOS, bringing iCloud compatibility for streaming films and music from that magical realm, the cloud, as well as App Store apps into the mix.

"Can you imagine playing Angry Birds on a big screen in your living room?" it asks. Yes, that's why we'll all be shelling out thousands of pounds on an Apple television. Angry Birds.


Best Buy also surmises that the television will include an iSight webcam and microphone "for Skype" which just goes to show that whoever wrote it knows nothing about Apple since Facetime is the video-calling application of choice for iOS.

The retailer even goes so far as to suggest a price tag for the hypothetical goggle box - $1,499 (£950) – that's a lot more than the current raft of 42-inch TVs around, but then this is an Apple TV we're talking about.

Sadly for AV fans, the survey doesn't make any mention of technical specs like whether the panel is 3D-ready, whether the TV uses edge-lit LEDs or if there's local dimming involved and it has nothing on the set's sound options.

Is this for real? Sounds like Best Buy spitting into the wind to us but we suppose there's a chance that Apple's readying an Angry Birds-toting Skype TV.


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