Tangerine offers some extra-juicy deals on its excellent NBN plans

NBN logo on Tangerine
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Tangerine is often our pick for the best NBN 50 plan on the market, and that’s because the ISP delivers decent speeds for a very affordable price. It’s been offering a discount for a while now, but the provider has just dropped its prices even further.

On top of its usual offer – which gets you AU$15 off each month for your first six months – Tangerine’s new deal will slash a further AU$30 off your first bill when you sign up using the code WHISTLEOUT30.

The offer applies to all of Tangerine’s NBN plans, and we’ve outlined each below. There’s a very limited time to sign up to these discounts though, as the offer ends this Monday, April 19.

When it comes to typical evening speeds, Tangerine sits in about the mid-range. Its entry-level NBN 25 plan has an average speed of 21Mbps in the evenings, while its NBN 50 plan has a typical evening speed of 42Mbps.

It's more premium plans fare well too – you can expect a typical download speed of 83Mbps on its NBN 100 plan, while its NBN 250 reaches about 205Mbps on average in the busy evening hours.

Competition is starting to increase in the speed stakes, as a growing number of ISPs now quote maxed-out evening speeds across their plans due to changes at NBN Co. 

When it comes to price however, Tangerine is at the front of the pack, offering the cheapest fixed line plans available in the NBN 25 and NBN 50 speed tiers.

Jasmine Gearie
Ecommerce Editor

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