T-Mobile plans to launch a new streaming TV service in 2018

(Image credit: T-Mobile)
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It seems like everyone's trying to get into streaming TV these days, and now T-Mobile has tossed its ambitions on the pile following its acquisition of Layer3 TV.

T-Mobile says the upcoming, unnamed service will "un-carrier" your TV at some point in 2018, and the company describes it as a bit of a halfway point between a traditional cable service and the on-demand channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere outlined his plans in a new video (below), drawing parallels with the company's ambitions in streaming TV with the "un-carrier" campaign that's made T-Mobile a serious contender in the mobile space in recent years.

"All of these un-carrier moves sent shockwaves through the wireless industry, prompting competitors to continue to follow T-Mobile's lead," Legere said. "T-Mobile plans to launch its own disruptive new TV service next year, tapping into the amazing content available from creators today to disrupt legacy cable and satellite TV's distribution model."

The service clearly aims to bring T-Mobile roaring into the set-top arena, providing an attractive complementary service to its already appealing "Binge On" unlimited streaming program for mobile devices. The new streaming TV service, though, will be available both on mobile devices and in the home.

"We're about to take the fight to Big Cable and Satellite TV on behalf of consumers everywhere," Legere said, clearly expressing optimism that T-Mobile can succeed where companies like Amazon and Apple have failed for now. He's got some time to make it work.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile provided no information regarding how much the service will cost, but of course, those plans may be several months in coming.