Spider-Man is coming to Marvel's Avengers game – but only on PS4 and PS5

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Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel's Avengers game, it's been revealed – but only on PS4 and PS5. It's been described as Crystal Dynamics' "own, unique take" on the character, suggesting it won't tie into the existing (and very popular) PS4 Spider-Man game at all.

Spider-Man will be added to the game in early 2021, it's been confirmed, and like all the game's story and character DLC, he'll be free to download. Crystal Dynamics is apparently working hard to make sure the character moves and fights as he should, and you'll be able to customize Spidey like you can the other Avengers in the game, meaning you can upgrade his abilities and gadgets to suit your play style.

Multiple cosmetics will be available for the character, too, and Crystal Dynamics says their version of the hero will take inspiration from the classic Steve Ditko and John Romita portrayals of Spidey. 

An in-game event will introduce Spidey, and players will be able to check out a bunch of unique challenges as the character. 

Marvel's Spider-Man is coming to PS4 on September 4, then later in the year on PS5. 

Taking on the best

Spider-Man on PS4 is pretty much the perfect Spidey game – there's very little room to build on Insomniac's portrayal of the character to us, but just having the character available in this Avengers-themed game will be exciting to some people.

If nothing else, it pretty much means nothing is off the table for future additions to the game's roster. Could Wolverine make the cut at some point? In this century's version of the Avengers, he's pretty much been a mainstay. It could happen. 

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