iPhone 9 and iPhone 11 trio getting speed and camera upgrades, says report

iPhone X

We don't have long to wait until Apple unveils its 2018 iPhone line-up, and a new report repeats a lot of the rumors we've heard so far – three new models are on the way, with significant boosts to performance and the capabilities of the rear-facing cameras.

That's per sources speaking to Bloomberg: 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch OLED models, together with a cheaper 6.1-inch LCD phone. All three phones are going to adopt an iPhone X-style design, with Face ID rather than Touch ID for unlocking, and they'll all feature upgraded internals, though Bloomberg doesn't go into any real detail on specs.

As for what these three iPhones are going to be called, apparently there's still some debate inside Apple – the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Plus are names that have been mooted for two of the handsets, according to the anonymous sources.

More to come next year

It sounds like that cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone might take a page from the iPhone 5C book and come in a variety of bright colors, with aluminum rather than stainless steel edges, to help differentiate it from the two more expensive OLED models in the 2018 range.

The report hints that Apple is concentrating on pushing prices higher for its top-end iPhones, so you might have to pay more than the £999/$999 starting cost of the iPhone X. More innovative changes are coming to the iPhones in 2019, according to Bloomberg, with this year dubbed an "S" year (for a minor upgrade) by some people inside Apple.

Finally, the Bloomberg story also predicts that a new Apple Watch with a larger edge-to-edge screen is on the way, as well as updated iPad Pros with 12.9-inch and 11-inch displays. Apple's September event should be well worth tuning in for.

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