Sony preps up to launch multiple smartphone games by 2025

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Sony, one of the most popular brands in the gaming industry, has recently announced the outline of its roadmap for the upcoming two to three years. 

On its annual investor day, Sony announced that it is planning to roll out half of its titles on smartphones or PC by 2025. This will directly result in the declination of the titles for Play Station

Considering the current statistics, 105 of the Sony game titles are available for smartphones. The company is prepping up to double the percentage in a period of three years. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment's Jim Ryan mentioned that the expansion of Sony for mobile and PC will allow the company to break the stereotype of being stuck to the console segment. He further concluded his statement by saying that Sony is all set to start competing with other players in multiple segments. 

Furthermore, the expansion of Sony titles for mobile will be conducted via a new business unit within Sony IE and it will be headed by former Apple Arcade content chief Nicola Sebastiani.

What can we expect?

Sony's step to release titles for smartphones is going to be a gamechanger for the industry. While studios like EA and Epic Games are already available there, it will be interesting to see how Sony makes its place. 

Well, if we have a look at the titles by Sony, one thing which we are sure of is that the Sony titles will give a tough time to already established smartphone games available for Android and iOS.

However, by the time Sony is planning to enter the smartphone gaming market, it is quite clear that other studios will have a stronghold over the market. 

A recent example of the same is the launch of Apex Legends Mobile and the introduction of exclusive characters for the mobile version. Not only this, but EA also has another game, Battlefield 2042 mobile on the cards for smartphone gamers.

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