New Sony A9 II image leaked - and a launch may be just weeks away

Sony A9
The Sony A9 (above) is Sony's current flagship model aimed towards pros - what will the A9 II offer? (Image credit: Future)

Rumours continue to surround the launch date of the hotly-anticipated Sony A9 II, and another image that's claimed to show the next-generation model has appeared on SonyAlphaRumors

The original Sony A9 has been on the market since April 2017, so it’s ripe for an upgrade, especially with the Olympics coming up next year - the current model is pitched as a top-level professional camera that's particularly adept at sports and action shooting, 

Its headline feature is its ability to capture 20fps at full resolution with zero viewfinder blackout and full autofocus - in short, it’s the perfect camera to capture fast-moving subjects without missing a shot. 

The latest leaked image suggests that the body construction of the A9 II will be almost identical to its predecessor, which is fairly typical of how Sony likes to operate - we’ve seen similar decisions before in its A7 range. 

Rumors of internal specs are a little thin on the ground so far, but it's been suggested that we could see a 36-megapixel full-frame sensor, which would certainly give other fast full-frame shooters a run for their money. We might also be treated to an even faster frame rate, which would make capturing those Olympic highlights almost too easy. 

As for a Sony A9 II release date, rumors suggest an October launch event is on the cards - if so we shouldn’t have to wait to long to get the full low-down. 

Amy Davies

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