Some top - even folding - Samsung phones have great discounts for Amazon Prime Day

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If you're a big fan of Samsung phones, then look no further: loads of the biggest and best phones from the Korean brand are temporarily cheaper. So if you've been looking to pick up a new handset, now is the best time.

These handsets, discounted for the Prime Day deals, range from top-end ones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra to budget ones like the Galaxy A53. There's something for everyone if you're a fan of Samsung phones. You'll even find some discounted foldables.

Some of these range from amazing deals - like the S22 Ultra's discount - to some middling ones, like the two FE models. But we haven't included anything that's outright a bad deal.

Also, we've arranged this in - well, not quite the same order as our list of the best Samsung phones. No, this writer has decided to order them by his favorite.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB: $1,199

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB: $1,199 $839 at Amazon
Save $460
This is the best smartphone we've tested so far - we're honestly pretty surprised to see it discounted this soon into its life span. Above we've listed the discount for its 128GB version but the higher-storage options are discounted too.
256GB: $1,299 $909
$1,399 $979 

Samsung Galaxy A53: $449

Samsung Galaxy A53: $449 $324 at Amazon
Save $125
This is a really recent phone, so it's quite a surprise that it's on sale for over $100. This is one of the best mid-range phones you can buy right now, even without a discount. At this price Prime Day price, you shouldn't miss it.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: $599

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: $599 $419 at Amazon
This phone may be two years old now, but that age is likely why we're getting to see this kind of a discount on the phone - it's never gone lower than $449 before. The deal above is for the 128GB model of the phone, but you can also find a similar reduction for the 256GB version.
256GB: $669 $568 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: $999

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: $999 $699 at Amazon
Save $300
Samsung's clamshell foldable phone is now surprisingly cheap, coming in at the price of a mid-range mobile. We've seen it go this low before, but only briefly - and we're expecting this reduced device to sell out quickly. This discount is on the 128GB version but the 256GB one is reduced too.
256GB: $1,049 $734 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S22: $799

Samsung Galaxy S22: $799 $559 at Amazon
Save $240
Samsung's newest flagship for 2022 is on sale, cutting a fair amount off the asking price, and making it a much more tempting buy. Oh, this discount is on the 128GB model, but if you want more storage, the 256GB option is also reduced.
$849 $594 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: $1,799

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: $1,799 $1,089.99 at Amazon
Save $520
Samsung's top-tier foldable phone has a mighty discount. Admittedly, this isn't the cheapest we've seen it, but it's only $10 more than that low price. This deal is on the 256GB version, but the 512GB model is discounted, too.
512GB: $1,899 $1,329 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: $959

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: $959 $699 at Amazon
Save $240
The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is quite a pricey phone for what you're getting, but that's why this deal is great - it brings the Android powerhouse down to a tempting cost tier. The above deal is for the 128GB model, but the 256GB version is also discounted .
256GB: $1,049 $734 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: $699

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: $699 $559 at Amazon
Save $140 The Samsung Galaxy S21's budget cousin may have been a poorly-priced mess when it launched, but with this discount, it's actually worth checking out. This is the cheapest we've seen this mobile go. Both the 128GB and 256GB versions are on sale - we've listed the former above.
256GB: $769 $538 at Amazon

All three modern Galaxy S22 models (the S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra) are included in the deals list. These devices are the company's newest trio of flagships for 2022, so you're getting the most up-to-date tech.

The Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 are the company's two latest folding phones, and it's nice to see price cuts on these, as they're quite expensive devices.

Also included are the S20 FE and S21 FE, budget spins on the respective non-FE versions, and the A53. These three are all more affordable alternatives to the top-end models, but they still bring lots of top Samsung features despite the lower price.

So whatever budget you have, there's something here for you.

Not in the US? Here are some Samsung phone deals in your region.

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