UK still obsessed by 17-inch monitors

However, gamers are opting for bigger displays, notably the 24-inch

The UK still remains staunchly loyal to 17-inch displays. That was one of the more interesting titbits to come out of a Viewsonic briefing attended today. While many other countries are buying larger 19 and 21-inch displays as a matter of course, it seems that isn't the case here.

"Some 45 per cent of sales are 17-inch" said Regional Director Richard Millar. "The other 55 per cent is for all the other sizes." Millar did add that 24-inch is now the most popular size among buyers who are looking to use their displays for gaming.

"It's definitely an interest area...[gamers] will go and research prices [and specifications]." He added that the industry was now seeing a "major move" towards targeting the gaming market.

Pushing response time

Millar said that the industry had gone as far as it could in terms of pushing response time, adding that the focus was changing towards connectivity. He said the company had developed display with a 1ms (millisecond) response time but that it would take an estimated $100,000 dollars to commercially produce.

Viewsonic was at the offices to give us an overview of its range including the VA series (around £159 for a 22-inch Vista-certified widescreen display) and the VX series which pushed connectivity. Viewsonic said the iPod dock monitors it has released were popular with retailers looking to cash in on the iPod, but didn't comment on whether they'd been a sales success.


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