Ready for Rift? Find out in seconds with the free Oculus compatibility checker

Oculus Rift compatibility checker tool
Oculus Rift compatibility checker tool

The Connect 2016 virtual reality conference, taking place now in California, is showcasing the future of the Oculus Rift, which is facing stiff competition from the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

We're hoping to see some exciting announcements to sweeten the deal for existing Rift owners and new buyers, including price cuts and updates on the new controllers, but if you're tempted to open your wallet you'll want to be sure that your PC is up to the task first.

To make life easier, Oculus has released a free Compatibility Tool that quickly scans your system and lets you know whether your system meets the VR headset's requirements. Download and install the Compatibility Tool, then decide whether you want to send system information to Oculus to help improve its software in the future. This includes innocuous information like your operating system and browser, but might also include your IP address and other apps and games installed on your PC.

The check itself takes under a minute, and once it's complete you'll see a list of ticks and/or crosses indicating whether your hardware and software meets the minimum requirements. You can expand each of these to see what you have currently installed, and anything you need to upgrade.

Oculus Rift system requirements

The Oculus Rift compatibility checker tells you whether your hardware and software meet the system requirements for the VR headset, and what to upgrade if it doesn't make the grade

Oculus also provides a link to its own range of premium Rift-ready PCs from ASUS, Dell, Alienware, Falcon Northwest and Lenovo, though you can also put together your own VR-capable system for under US$900, £800, AU$1,200.

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