Microsoft outlines web future

Ray Ozzie is Microsoft's chief software architect

Microsoft has outlined its vision for the web at its Mix 07 event in Las Vegas. The corporation now holds the web event annually to share its visions and aims for the year online with developers and web marketers.

In his keynote speech, the corporation's chief software architect Ray Ozzie summarised his vision for the future of the Microsoft-powered internet.

"As some of you may be aware, over the past couple of years, there's been a progressive sea change going on within Microsoft," eulogised Ozzie. "A transformation towards services, and towards software plus services. Some of these changes have been readily apparent on the Web."

Ozzie - and indeed Microsoft in general - is convinced that software needs to interact with the internet to retain value to consumers.

Microsoft isn't alone in this of course. Other big-name software companies such as Adobe have also announced big plans for web-based software, while Google has been at it for years. Web-based companies, such as eBay, which develop widgets and gadgets also share the vision.

Windows Live

Ozzie referred to Microsoft's successful Windows Live venture which, although lacking cohesion, attracts "more than a quarter of a billion people," he said.

Ozzie also spoke about Xbox Live which now supports instant messaging between Xbox 360 and Windows gamers. He said there would be new application enablers, called APIs, that mean third-party developers can integrate Microsoft services such as Virtual Earth into their products.

He then gave further details on Microsoft Silverlight, the corporation's answer to the well-established Flash tech for web video delivery.

Ozzie said Silverlight will "change the game" for web video before introducing Silverlight Streaming. This service, debuted at Mix, will store and stream video clips into Web pages. Ozzie added that the service will be free.

Ozzie replaced Bill Gates in the role of chief software architect last year.


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