Native Foursquare app peeks out for Windows 8 as others are outed

Squared up on Windows

Update: Microsoft is out with some clarification about the apps it has and hasn't announced.

The company informed us Friday that Songza is available for Windows 8 right now, though it has nothing to announce on Yelp at the moment.

A The Next Web report from yesterday said both apps were heading to Windows, but Microsoft reached out to us today to say something slightly different. It did leave us with perhaps a bit of foreshadowing, however:

"No announcements on Yelp as of yet."

We'll stay tuned.

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Flipboard and Facebook aren't the only new apps heading to Windows.

During the Build 2013 Day 2 keynote, Microsoft's Steve Guggenhemier swiped through a native Foursquare tablet app set to debut on Windows 8.

There's no exact timeline for launch, though the Build glimpse offered a fairly complete look at what would essentially be Foursquare's first homegrown tablet app. The company did recently add tablet support for its app on Android, though optimization is still missing on the iPad.

Word broke earlier today that Foursquare had an app on the way for Windows, and Guggs, as the corporate VP said he's called, later gave the conference crowd a look at it in preview form.

We've contacted Foursquare to suss out more information on the app, including when we may see it publicly, and we'll update this story with more info when we find out more.

Foursquare app

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Additional apps

With Foursquare still an undetermined amount of time away, Guggs announced a number of other apps that are heading to the prongs of the Windows platforms.

OpenTable, Rockmelt and Rhapsody for Windows 8 are all downloadable in the Windows Store today.

A duo of Disney titles are landing in both now in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store as well -Temple Run: Brave and Where's My Mickey? More games are coming in the fall, Guggenheimer said, including Monsters University, Avengers Initiative, Toy Story Smash It! and Temple Run: Oz.

Microsoft apps

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ABC News is breaking into Windows Phone 8 today too, along with Walgreens, Voxer and MarketWatch.

A Mint app will eventually straddle both the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store, though there's no word on release yet, while Xfinity TV Remote only has plans for the phone side.

Guggenheimer also revealed that Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite will come to Windows 8.1 devices in late 2013.

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