6 of the best FTP clients for OS X

Using Apple's iDisk in Finder can be a painfully slow experience. Curiously, third-party tools that can connect will do it more rapidly. Why can't Apple speed up Finder to match?

First up are the apps that opted out of this test: Fetch doesn't support WebDAV, nor, in fact, anything other than FTP-based protocols, so it was no help here. FileZilla is also a purely FTP-bound file transfer tool, as is Yummy FTP.

Then the failure: Cyberduck purports to offer iDisk support, but its uploading bug bites hard; items fail at the end of the process and aren't transferred at all.

Transmit ftp

TRANSMISSION: Transmit provided plenty of options for connecting the iDisk with no fuss

Finally, the two that completed the course: Captain FTP doesn't fill in iDisk details automatically when selected, but it performs fine otherwise. Transmit provided easy ways to connect to your own iDisk, another user's iDisk, someone's shared Public Folder, or any other WebDAV source, even securely over HTTPS. Marvellous.