6 of the best FTP clients for OS X

Even the simplest hand tweaked forum or blog needs permissions control. You probably won't need to alter file and folder permissions often, but when you do you'll appreciate things that make this easy.

Everything in our tests handled permissions settings adequately, although FileZilla once again gets the booby prize for only putting this command into the pop-up contextual menu. If you don't right-click/≈-click something you'll never see it.

Most of the apps use ordinary windows for permissions display and control. Yummy FTP uses a drop-down sheet-style dialog. Cyberduck uses a palette, which vanishes when the app isn't frontmost.

Fetch ftp

GO FETCH!: Fetch was the only one on test that was unable to apply permission changes recursively

All but Fetch can apply permission changes recursively – going down into folders – and Yummy FTP and FileZilla can target just files, just folders, or both. Only Captain FTP and Transmit can edit the owner and group.