Sigma FP: super-small, full-frame mirrorless camera is confirmed

Sigma FP
Image credit: YouTube (Image credit: YouTube)

Sigma had previously mentioned that it had a full-frame camera in the works, and now all has been revealed.

The Sigma FP measures just 45.3 x 112.6 x 69.9mm and weighs just 370g without a lens, which qualifies it as the world's smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera.

As reported by DPReview, the camera uses a 24.6MP back-illuminated full-frame sensor with no optical low-pass filter. However, while it was excepted that Sigma would employ its Foveon X3 sensor, as in previous Sigma models, it instead adopts the more conventional Bayer color filter array that's used in many other cameras.

As expected, the camera will also use the L mount, and the model has already been pictured with the new 45mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary that's also been announced. Sigma is one of three partners in the L-mount alliance, along with Panasonic and Leica, both of whom already use the mount for their own cameras.

The FP's sensitivity range stretches from ISO100-25,600, although expansion settings up to an ISO102,400 equivalent and right down to a setting equivalent to ISO6 – yes, six – are also on hand.

Images can be captured in a 14-bit raw format in addition to JPEG, with raw files conveniently output as DNG files that are widely supported by Adobe's suite of programs and other software packages.

The model arrives with a number of technologies that have become desirable across mirrorless cameras in recent years, from Eye AF for identifying and focusing on a subject's eyes to an electronic shutter that allows for silent shooting. HDR photography is also possible in-camera.

Huge potential for expandability

Video is also a strong focus for the model, with 4K UHD video recording to 24p and a CineDNG file format. Indeed, in a video shared by Sigma (above), the company highlights just how customizable the model is to suit different still- and video-centric applications.

The camera's diminutive body has 42 separate seals to provide protection against inclement weather, and there's space for USB 3.1, HDMI and flash sync ports, and even a mic port. While there's no hotshoe on the top plate, an add-on will allow for a conventional flashgun to be mounted, while a separate grip and other accessories will also be available for the model.

The announcement may come as a surprise given that it was expected Sigma would be using its Foveon X3 technology for this model. The company has, however, confirmed that such a model is currently in the works, one that will use a 20.3MP sensor that outputs images with a resolution similar to a 60.9MP files from other cameras.

Sigma's current camera portfolio is made up of sd Quattro interchangeable-lens cameras and a handful of dp Quattro compacts. The Sigma FP will break from convention by being the first interchangeable-lens camera from the company not to use its proprietary SD lens mount.

Its most recent camera releases were the sd Quattro and sd Quattro H, which were announced at the same time in February 2016. Since then the company has focused on bringing a variety of new lenses to market, both for established DSLR mounts and newer ones found on more recent mirrorless bodies.

The camera is due later this year, and pricing has not yet been confirmed.