Should I buy the LG 43UJ634V 4K Smart TV?

The bottom line: There are plenty of good smart TVs on the market now, and 43-inch screens are a suitable choice if you want a 'big' screen in a smaller room, or a decently-sized second set. 

In addition to 4K HDR picture quality for improved contrast and detail, the LG 43UJ634V offers HD Freeview Play for catching up with all your favourite programmes. 

Weighing just 9.6kg, this a light TV for the size, so you shouldn't have any problem wall-mounting it. As an added bonus, Android users can even pair the TV with their smartphone.

Pros: HD Freeview Play included, with immersive Ultra Surround audio

Cons: Perhaps too many picture settings

LG 43UJ634V 4K Smart TV: everything you need to know

The LG 43UJ634V 4K HDR LED display is designed to offer a vibrant and vivid 100Hz picture for HDR formats such as Blu-ray DVDs and as well as for standard broadcast channels. So whether you’re gaming, watching DVDs or getting stuck into your daily soap routine, you can expect superior picture quality. 

The HDR technology automatically lifts picture quality from standard entertainment sources, boosting it to a higher resolution. So if you’ve got classic DVDs floating around – the technology will enhance the picture to the standards we now expect. The picture can be calibrated to your liking. While this process can prove a little fiddly, with some patience you’ll experience a superior quality image that can be viewed distortion-free from any angle of the room. 

Feature library

LG has also packed in a huge range of features. Freeview play gives you access to up to 60 TV channels, 12 of which are HD, and the ability to scroll back in time to a programme you may have missed earlier in the week. With the in-built webOS system you'll have access to the likes of BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube all in 4K, so you can catch up with your favourite box sets in HD. Plus, you can access even more content from the LG Content Store via the App.

Sound quality

LG has developed a multi-channel Ultra-Surround system designed to project your favourite shows clearly around the room for an immersive surround sound experience. The sound quality won't be the best around at this price point, and for a more cinematic experience, investing in a quality soundbar is recommended, as is the case with a lot of televisions.

Anything else?

With three HDMI slots and two USB ports, you can plug in your favourite devices including games consoles and cameras. 

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