Apple Watch 7 leak shows a wild-looking flat-edged design

Apple Watch 6
The Apple Watch 7 may look far different to the Apple Watch 6 (pictured) (Image credit: Future)

Apple may redesign the Apple Watch 7 in one key area: its edges. While the Series 6 and earlier models have rounded corners, mockup renders from Apple leaker Jon Prosser suggest the new Apple Watch will have flat edges. 

We've heard plenty of Apple Watch rumors about the new features of the Series 7, including blood glucose monitoring, breath-based gesture controls, and a redesigned ECG for more accurate heart rate monitoring. But this is the first potential glimpse of how it could look.

We originally heard that the Apple Watch 7 would get thinner by combining the battery with the haptic engine. However, the flat edges give the new Apple Watch a thicker appearance than past watches. We imagine that some people will prefer the smaller profile of older watches, while others will find the change refreshing.

These Apple Watch 7 renders, according to Prosser and created in collaboration with @RendersbyIan, were created based on leaked photos of the forthcoming smartwatch, so we can't guarantee that these renders will be true to the final version. 

Prosser says that the Series 7 will come in five colors: black, silver, red, blue and green. Many of these colors return from the Apple Watch 6, but green is a new addition, while other colors like gold may have been dropped.

This leak didn't come with a spec sheet, so we don't know how large the Series 7 will be, nor any other information on battery life, features, or sensors. We do expect it to run the new watchOS 8, of course. 

We could learn more about the Apple Watch 7 at WWDC 2021, which takes place on June 7 but that's unlikely and we'll probably be waiting until later this year alongside the iPhone 13.

Michael Hicks

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