Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 return kit includes a fire-resistant box

Following a complete production halt over safety concerns, Samsung is taking back the Galaxy Note 7, but it's also not taking any chances.

The company behind the flammable phone is using specialized, insulated return kits designed to help customers safely return their volatile Note 7s, as reported by XDA-Developers

A Samsung representative tells us the box is required by government regulation when recalling a product with a lithium-ion battery. Anyone who bought a Note 7 and chose to mail it back will be sent the prepaid shipping package.

The kit doesn’t mess around, including a pair of gloves, a static shielding bag, two separate cardboard boxes, and a special ceramic fiber-lined recovery box to house the phone, which has an unfortunate reputation for catching on fire. 

According to the instructions that come with the kit, the gloves are intended to protect those with sensitivities to the material that comprises the fire-resistant recovery box.  

On the topic of regulation, the instructions also stress that the package can't be mailed by plane, and that it must be shipped via ground or vessel transport. You can see XDA's full unboxing of the kit in the video below: 

Take Note

If you’re just now tuning in to the Note 7 debacle, the otherwise stellar Samsung phablet turned out to be a fire hazard due to a defective lithium-ion battery.

Things took a worse turn when a report broke that even the replacement Note 7 was prone to immolation. Samsung on Monday urged carrier retailers to halt sales and exchanges while also formally shutting down production of the device.

“We want to make your device exchange as easy and convenient as possible,” writes Samsung, in a notice included in the return kit. “We want you to know we are committed to doing everything we can to make things right, earn back your trust, and continue to serve you as loyal customer.” 

Customers who elect to return their handset can do so through any Samsung carrier or retail partner, or consult our Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement guide.

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