Samsung’s foldable battery almost ready for mass production

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Foldable smartphones are already here. In fact, we may soon see the second-gen foldable smartphones from Samsung during the flagship launch event scheduled to happen next month. While all the major brands are trying to make a commercially viable foldable phone, Samsung has been busy solving the riddle of a bendable battery.

Reports suggest that SDI, Samsung’s arm that focuses on making batteries for various consumer electronic products including smartphones, is said to start making flexible batteries with a capacity of 3000 mAh to 6000 mAh. The best use case of these batteries could be foldable smartphones and other large-screened devices like tablets that can be folded into smaller devices when not in use.

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This is a massive achievement as the company started working on the foldable batteries’ way back in 2016 and a prototype of a 210 mAh battery paved the way to full-sized batteries that may power the upcoming smartphones.

Apart from smartphones, flexible or foldable batteries can be used in various other gadgets including smart wearables and IoT enables devices. Apart from Samsung’s SDI, Panasonic Corp., Sony Corp. (both Japan), and LG Electronics Inc. (South Korea) are a few companies that are actively working in this segment. 

As per a recent report, the demand of these batteries would increase multi-folds in the years coming next. As per an estimate, the market size of flexible batteries may reach up to $295 million by 2025 compared to $98 million currently.

Some time back a professor from Zürich Technical university created a new flexible and stretchable battery using a new type of electrolyte. This gel-like battery is not only less toxic than the materials used in current generation batteries but is also able to maintain the conductivity when bent, making it an ideal solution for new-age wearables, medical, as well as foldable smart devices.

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