Samsung's first OLED TV arrives in just a few weeks - here's all the details

The Samsung QN900B 8K QLED TV with a stunning wooded background.
This is the Samsung QN900B - not the OLED - but it's equally exciting. (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s Unbox & Discover events typically don’t have as much hard technical information for TV lovers as Samsung’s Unpacked events contain for fans of the Galaxy series of smartphones, but they do contain some good information around price and release dates. 

To wit, Samsung dropped the details around its entire 2022 TV lineup at its 2022 Unbox event - including the release dates for its hotly anticipated OLED TV models.

According to Samsung, the Samsung S95B will come in two sizes - 55 and 65 inches - starting in mid-April for $2,199.99 and $2,999.99, respectively. (So far we only have US pricing, but that works out to about £1,670 / AU$2,980 for the 55-inch model and £2,275 / AU$4,040 for the 65-inch TV.)

As for the QLED TV lineup, the more advanced 8K QLED models (the QN900B and QN800B) will drop in April while the high-end 4K models like the QN90B and QN85B will be available starting immediately alongside the more affordable Q80B and Q60B.

Here’s the full release date information that was sent to TechRadar:

  • The S95B OLED (65”, 55”) will be available mid-April and can be pre-ordered today.
  • The QN900B (85”, 75”, 65”) will be available in mid- to late April.
  • The QN800B (85”, 75”, 65”) will be available by early April.
  • The QN95B (85”, 75”, 65”, 55”) will be available in early May.
  • The QN90B (85”, 75”, 65”, 55”, 50”, 43”) is available now.
  • The QN85B (85”, 75”, 65”, 55”) is available now.
  • The Q80B (85”, 75”, 65”, 55”, 50”) is available today.
  • The Q60B (85”, 75”, 70”, 65”, 60”, 55”, 50”, 43”) is available today.
  • The Frame (85”, 75”, 65”, 55”, 50”, 43”, 32”) will be available mid-April.
  • The Serif (65”, 55”, 43”) will be available in late May.
  • The Sero (43”) will be available in June.
  • The Freestyle projector is available now.
  • The Premiere (120”, 130”) projector, The Terrace Partial Sun (75”, 65”, 55”) and The Terrace Full Sun (75”, 65”) outdoor TVs will be carried over from last year.

Analysis: Not much longer now...

Samsung's OLED is more expensive than LG's OLED models - but it's now closer than ever. LG unveiled its OLED prices last week and the 55-inch C2 OLED is expected to cost $1,799 compared to the $2,199 for Samsung's QD-OLED model.

That said, the price differential may not make much of a difference if there's a big gap in performance between the two TVs.

Until we get a Samsung OLED in our own houses we won't be able to make that comparison, but we're expecting it to be a close battle.

The good news? We only have a few weeks to wait to find out.

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