Samsung patents phone with a screen on nearly every side

It's always exciting when big tech companies like Apple, Google, or Samsung reveal their new patents – after all, patent filings aren't limited by the constrictions of current technology, and they give us a potential glimpse into the future.

However, Samsung's latest patents have left us scratching our heads, as they're for for a completely bezel-less phone with screen on nearly every side, and a hexagonal phone which also appears to have screen on most or all of its six sides. 

Although Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge already features a display that extends to the sides of the screen, no manufacturer has managed to create a completely bezel-less smartphone. Current models rely on bezels where the side of the palm rests on the phone to stop users from inadvertently activating the screen with their hand. 

Samsung's latest patent takes the Edge concept a step further, outlining a screen that reaches the very bottom corners of the phone, as well as the top and bottom edges. 

No bezels, not ever

Why the tech company has filed this patent is unclear – users of the Samsung's Edge display will tell you how easy it is to accidentally activate the screen on this type of phone, and we can imagine it being a problem with this proposed design. 

Even more baffling is the fact that in the same patent Samsung also provided the blueprints for a phone with six sides instead of the usual four. 

It's important to remember that filing a patent doesn't mean the inventions will actually be made, let alone sold to the public. That being said, it's always fun to see what tech companies have cooking behind the scenes.

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Olivia Tambini

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