Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 appears again in unofficial video clips

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
The original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. (Image credit: Samsung)

At this stage we're very much ready to see the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 make its debut, but until that happens, we've got some more leaks to bring you – this time in the form of short GIFs that show the foldable from just about every angle.

The clips are courtesy of well-known leaker Evan Blass, who is one of the most accurate tipsters in the business. While we can never be sure about anything until it comes directly from Samsung, there's a good chance that what we're seeing here is the real deal.

What's more, the new moving images match up with other unofficial renders we've seen of the upcoming handset. There's the same two-tone design, the same layout of ports and buttons, and the same dual-lens camera around the back of the phone.

Besides the design, these GIFs also show off the colors of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. We've got yellow, black, purple, and a dark green or gray color – though Samsung will no doubt give each of them grander names than we have. Those colors match up with the leaks we've previously seen.

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These brief clips give us a look at the folding clamshell action that the phone is going to bring with it, and like its predecessor, it doesn't look as though the handset will close completely when folded over – possibly to protect the hinge and folding screen.

According to at least one source who claims to be in the know, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is going to go on sale at a starting price of $999 (about £725 / AU$1,335) when it does show up – quite a bit lower than the entry price of the 5G-ready Galaxy Z Flip that launched in July 2020 (yours for $1,449 / £1,399 / AU$2,599 when it launched).

As for when we're going to see it – beyond looping GIFs – all signs point to August 3. On the same day the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 should also make its debut, as well as perhaps the Galaxy Watch 4, the Galaxy Watch Active 4, and the Galaxy Buds 2 as well.

Based on the leaks up to this point, we're expecting the Galaxy Z Flip 3 to come with a main 6.7-inch folding display, as well as a 3-inch screen that sits on the outside when it's shut. In addition, durability and battery capacity are expected to be improved.

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