Samsung Galaxy X could have a curved battery of up to 6,000mAh

A foldable phone requires more than just a flexible screen as it can also be necessary for some of the internal components to be curved, which is probably one of the reasons we haven’t seen one yet. It sounds like Samsung is close though, as the company has apparently created a curved battery suitable for such a phone.

We say ‘suitable’, because Samsung SDI actually created a curved battery four years ago, but it only had a capacity of 210mAh. Now, though, it’s created one that can be between 3,000mAh and 6,000mAh and which is set to be used in the folding Samsung Galaxy X according to ITHome, citing industry sources.

The upper end of that range would be far higher than most smartphone batteries, but then the Samsung Galaxy X might need it, as the phone may have a screen of around 7.3 inches, making it more like a small tablet when fully unfolded.

A curved Samsung SDI battery. Credit: ITHome

A curved Samsung SDI battery. Credit: ITHome

Coming soon... maybe

There’s no other new information on the Galaxy X, but based on other recent rumors it sounds like the wait might almost be over, with sources suggesting it could go into mass production later this year and hit stores in early 2019.

That suggests it could be around the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S10.

But don’t be surprised if there are more hold-ups, after all, this phone has been rumored for years now. And even when it does launch it probably won’t have a very appealing price, with one analyst claiming it could cost around $1,850, £1,375, AU$2,400.

Via GSMArena

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