Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 images give you an honest look at the upcoming smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch (Image credit: Future)

Most of the time when we see leaked images of upcoming products like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, they're lifestyle shots or press renders which are designed to make the device look great, but that don't always reflect the reality of a smartwatch when it's stuck on your wrist. Thankfully some new Galaxy Watch 3 pictures give us a likely much more honest look at the watch.

These pictures come from the US's National Certification Corporation (NCC), as spotted by @_the_tech_guy, which just certified the Galaxy Watch 3. Part of the certification includes several images of the watch, looking rather ordinary in a flat-lit condition.

The look of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is no surprise to us, given it's seen more leaks than our flat, but it's pretty novel seeing it laid on a table.

The smartwatch in the images has a leather strap and a stainless steel body with a black finish, so it certainly looks good, but the fingerprint-smudged display and bulbous body are a more accurate representation of what the watch would probably look like in use than we've seen before.

So what's new?

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It seems there aren't many cut-outs in the strap for the clasp, implying this isn't really a fitness watch (as they tend to have lots more), though the large size and leather strap already showed us that.

Some pictures in a follow-up tweet show the charger, and it looks like your standard smartwatch charging pad, which connects to a computer or plug via USB.

Overall, there's not much new information in this image leak; it's just novel to see the actual, real smartwatch. If you were considering buying the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, this is likely a much more accurate representation than previous leaks, and given most Samsung stores won't be open for a while (thanks to Covid-19) this might be your best way to really check it out.

We're not sure when the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is going to launch, but our best bet is August 5 alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Check back on TechRadar then for a much closer look at Samsung's next wave of products.

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