Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra probably won't have a 200MP camera after all

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

Earlier this year, a report suggested that Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra - the company's next flagship phone that we expect to land in early 2022 - would come with a 200MP camera. A new report suggests that is false and the company is going with a more traditional shooter.

According to Ice Universe - a leaker with a good track record - Samsung is opting for the third generation version of its 108MP shooter that we've seen on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Ice Universe acknowledged the previous 200MP rumor, which suggests there may have been some validity in that report. That may mean Samsung has decided to switch back to 108MP after experimenting with the 200MP option, or it may just be that Ice Universe's sources cleared up any confusion.

What else can we expect on the 108MP camera? Ice Universe doesn't reveal any specific features, but he does say that Samsung will "polish" the technology that is already there.

That likely means there are some improvements in the works, but what those are aren't entirely clear yet. 

Previously, other leaks have suggested Samsung may be experimenting with a sensor-shift image stabilization technology. It may be, that we see this introduced on the Galaxy S22 range.

Whatever the polish will be, we'll be sure to hear more about it in the next six months as we're currently expecting Samsung to introduce its next series of flagship phones in January 2022.

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