Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 marketing materials leak out

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series of phones lying face down.
The Galaxy S21 series is about to be replaced. (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has a new flagship smartphone and a new flagship tablet on the way, as we know from extensive Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 leaks in recent months – but the leaks are showing no signs of stopping as the launch dates get closer.

Reputable tipster Dohyun Kim has posted some marketing materials for the smartphone and the tablet, as well as a promo video for the Galaxy S22 range. All of this looks like it's official and has come straight from Samsung – though the video has been pixelated to stop it from being tracked.

These devices have already leaked so extensively that there's not all that much that's new here, but we do get apparent confirmation for a lot of specs – like the huge 14.6-inch screen on the biggest Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 model, for example.

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Sneak leak

We see that the Galaxy Tab S8 has a 3-mic noise reduction system for video calls, as well as an ultrawide selfie camera and a new S Pen with improved latency. It looks as though plenty of effort has gone into the software experience too, with multi-window layouts one of the features being promoted.

As for the Galaxy S22 line-up, it looks as though it's going to feature an object eraser for photos much like the latest Google Pixel 6 does. We can see the S Pen included on the S22 Ultra model, and there's a promise of the longest battery life ever on a Galaxy device (it seems battery capacities are going to go up to 5,000mAh).

The Galaxy S22 promotional video lasts for a little over a minute, and while it's not particularly clear, we do get mentions of a "minimalist design" and "the toughest Galaxy Samsung yet", plus a look at the different colors the phones are going to be available in.

Analysis: a flood of leaks

We're used to devices leaking ahead of their official unveiling, but we've rarely seen this much information appear in advance before: the Samsung Galaxy S22 has to go down as one of the most leaked smartphones in history, which is something that we assume Samsung isn't particularly happy about.

Only yesterday just about every detail of the Galaxy S22, the Galaxy S22 Plus and the Galaxy S22 Ultra was revealed. It seems as though the most expensive Ultra model is going to be the most interesting, as Samsung looks to be positioning it as a replacement for the Galaxy Note devices.

We haven't heard quite so much about the Galaxy Tab S8, but there have been numerous leaks here as well: the tablet series has already popped up on retail sites ahead of time, and we've seen authentic-looking renders of what the device will look like too.

Nothing is certain until Samsung says it's certain of course, but there have now been enough leaks – and enough similar leaks – to make us reasonably confident about what to expect. We'll finally get to see these shiny new pieces of hardware on February 9, when Samsung holds its next Unpacked event.

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