Why Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra may actually be called the Galaxy S22 Note

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
A Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

Samsung’s best phone of early 2022 might be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, or it might be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Note, or it could even be the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra.

These aren’t three different phones gunning it out for the crown, they’re all one handset, we’re just not entirely sure which name Samsung will use.

All three possibilities have been rumored – though recently we’ve only heard reference to the S22 Ultra and the S22 Note, leaving the Note 22 Ultra looking less likely. But why might Samsung be adding Note to the name? Well, there are a few reasons…

Why Samsung’s next Ultra could actually be a Note

Samsung’s Galaxy S Ultra range hasn’t been around long, with just the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra so far, but the company might already be planning to kill it – at least in name.

That’s because the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (or whatever it launches as) looks a whole lot like a Galaxy Note handset based on current leaks.

While the rest of the Samsung Galaxy S22 range looks to follow in their predecessors’ footsteps, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has been shown with a very different design – a boxy rather than rounded look, and with an S Pen slot for a stylus.

It looks a whole lot like the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 that we never got in fact, and that’s why the name might be changing, and why some sources have specifically pointed to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Note or Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra name.

Three leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Leaked images suggest the S22 Ultra will look like a Note (Image credit: FrontPageTech.com)

Will Samsung change the name?

For now, we’re not sure what Samsung’s next super-premium handset will be called, but a name change could make sense if the leaked design pans out.

Of the three rumored names, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Note is perhaps the most logical, as it marks the handset out as Note-inspired, but doesn’t go all-in on the Note name, as that could prove confusing if the phone launches alongside the Galaxy S22 range as it’s expected to.

Calling it the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra could be especially confusing, since that implies there should also be a non-Ultra model, which by all accounts there won’t be. While calling it the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could seem a bit strange when the phone seemingly has so little in common with its siblings.

So our guess right now is that the phone will probably launch as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Note, but we wouldn’t rule out the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra either.

Whatever the case, it looks set to be a Note in spirit, while being premium enough to please Ultra fans too.

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