Samsung Galaxy S20 price leaks again, and it may be cheaper in the US than Europe

Samsung Galaxy S10
Last year's Samsung Galaxy S10 (Image credit: Future)

Price leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series have been plentiful in the last few weeks, but the latest is our first look at pricing for those who live in the US.

According to new information from tech analyst Jon Prosser, the new devices will launch with some surprisingly low prices.

Their source claims the phones will all come with 5G connectivity as standard, which has previously been unclear with the other leaks we've seen in other markets such as Europe and one specifically for the UK, which listed both 4G and 5G models.

Prosser claims the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S20 will cost $899 while the Galaxy S20 Plus will cost $1,099 and the S20 Ultra will be $1,299. Those are supposedly the prices on carrier AT&T, while prices seem to be a touch higher on Verizon and T-Mobile, at $100 more for each device.

With the exception of the Ultra, we'd previously expected the 5G version of each device to cost at least another $100 above the AT&T pricing, bringing them more in line with T-Mobile and Verizon's apparent pricing, but this was based on leaked prices in other regions.

If this rumor is correct, it could be far more affordable to pick up the Galaxy S20 in the US compared to other markets such as Europe or the UK, where we've seen higher prices.

We've not seen Prosser leak any information in the past, but considering how close we are to the launch it would make sense for US carriers to have finalized pricing, and it could have conceivably leaked.

We should find out the prices for sure soon, as Samsung is launching its next set of phones on February 11.

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