Samsung Galaxy S11's tiny bezels shown off by screen protector

The Samsung Galaxy S10, above, has bigger bezels than the S11 likely will (Image credit: TechRadar)

We’ve seen a number of renders showing the possible design of the Samsung Galaxy S11, and now that same design has appeared in what seems to be a tempered glass screen protector.

Shown off by @UniverseIce (a reputable leaker), the screen protector (which the source showed the top and bottom parts of in two separate images), indicates a single-lens punch-hole camera at the top center of the display, just as we’ve seen before.

That’s in contrast to the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, which put the punch-hole on the top right of the screen, but it’s in line with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 range.

The images also show that there’s very little in the way of screen surroundings. At the top and sides there’s virtually no bezel, while at the bottom edge there appears to just be a few millimeters, and certainly less than the Galaxy S10 has.

This is all in line with previous leaks, so seeing it again here suggests the design may well be accurate, especially since a company must have actually been confident enough to build this screen protector.

We’d still take it with a pinch of salt until Samsung officially reveals the Galaxy S11 range, but at the moment there are no dissenting voices. We should see the final, official design soon in any case, as Samsung is likely to unveil the Galaxy S11 (alongside the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus and Galaxy S11e), in February, with sources pointing to either a February 11 or February 18 announcement.

We’ll also then find out if Samsung really plans to equip the phone with five rear camera lenses, including a 108MP one, as has also been rumored.

James Rogerson

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