Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a Space Zoom feature for out-of-this-world photos

The Samsung Galaxy S10, above, only offers 2x optical zoom (Image credit: Future)

It seems the Samsung Galaxy S11’s camera might be adept at photographing the night sky, as not only did we recently hear that the snapper was apparently codenamed ‘Hubble’, now Samsung has filed the paperwork to trademark something called ‘Space Zoom’.

The trademark application - spotted by SamMobile - describes this feature as “software for use in smartphones… namely, software to zoom in to a subject without lowering image quality.”

The name meanwhile suggests this might be designed specifically for getting closer, clearer shots of planets and stars in the night sky.

Space rivals

That would make sense, as beyond linking up with the Hubble codename, that’s also a feature that rivals have been exploring, such as Google with its astrophotography mode on the Pixel 4, and Huawei with its moon mode on the Huawei P30 Pro.

But whether or not this feature is space-specific, we’d expect the Samsung Galaxy S11 to be good at taking telephoto shots in general, as multiple sources have said it will offer 5x optical zoom.

One of those sources added that the S11’s 5x optical zoom wouldn’t be a “normal” one, so this focus on space could be what they were referring to.

However, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, as the trademark application for Space Zoom doesn’t specifically mention the Samsung Galaxy S11. So it’s possible this feature is destined for a different handset, but the S11 certainly seems the most likely candidate.

James Rogerson

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