Samsung Galaxy S11's camera codename suggests massive zoom

The Galaxy S10 Plus, above, only offers 2x optical zoom (Image credit: TechRadar)

We've heard more than once that the Samsung Galaxy S11 might have a camera with 5x optical zoom, and that's now looking ever more likely, as the camera is apparently codenamed 'Hubble'.

That's according to a supposedly reliable source speaking to GalaxyClub, and Hubble is of course the name of a famous space telescope.

Given that telescopes are used for looking at distant objects, it's a name that strongly suggests the camera will have impressive zoom skills. The source didn't provide any additional details, and nor did they have any information on the 108MP camera that Samsung is also rumored to be using in the Galaxy S11.

They did however suggest that multiple Samsung phones might launch with this Hubble camera in 2020, so it might not just be the Samsung Galaxy S11 range that gets it. Speaking of which, there was no confirmation as to whether all Galaxy S11 models would get this camera or just, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus.

As ever we'd take all of these claims with a pinch of salt, but evidence of an impressive zoom lens is certainly growing, and if Samsung also offers a lens with 108 megapixels then, well, the Galaxy S11 could be the camera phone to beat in 2020.

We're expecting it to land in or around February 2020, so there's not too much longer to wait. In the meantime we'll bring you all the credible leaks and rumors as and when we hear them.

James Rogerson

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