Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus leak shows possible dual selfie cameras

It's less than a month until the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus launch on February 20, and the leaks keep on flowing, with the latest an image appearing to show the front of the handset and its dual selfie cameras.

The image was posted by Twitter leaker Ice universe - who has a decent track record - and shows a blurry shot of a handset which is claimed to be the Galaxy S10 Plus.

There's a large cartoon sticker covering most of the phone, but if you look closely at the top-right of the device there appears to be a dual camera setup.

This isn't the first time we've seen Galaxy S10 Plus rumors suggesting the supersized smartphone will carry two front-facing cameras, so this leak is believable.

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No punch hole after all?

Previous rumors had suggested the dual selfie cameras may be centrally located at the top of the display in a punch-hole layout (each camera surrounded by screen), but this leak appears to go against that theory with a standard camera block in the corner of the screen instead.

However, just yesterday we saw a report revealing that Samsung has been working on 'second screen' technology that could see a display placed over the top of a front-facing camera. There's no indication from this leak that the technology is implemented here, but it's something to keep in mind.

We'll know if this leak is true on February 20 though, when Samsung takes to the stage in San Francisco to launch the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and possibly the more affordable Galaxy S10 Lite as well.

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Via Wccftech and GSMArena

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