Samsung Galaxy S10 colors may have just been revealed by Samsung itself

As well as showing off its foldable phone at the Samsung Developer Conference recently, Samsung also used the event to demonstrate an overhaul of its Android interface dubbed One UI, and in the process it might also have shown the colors that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will land in.

That’s because - as noted by reliable leaker Ice Universe - one of the features of One UI is the ability for the color of the interface to match the color of the handset, and in demonstrating this Samsung showed a phone in silver, green, black, blue and pink shades.

It’s not clear what phone this is, and you can’t see it in much detail, but we’re not aware of any existing Samsung handset that comes in that exact selection of shades, so it could be an early look at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

Packing a port

Whatever it is, it seems to have a glass back and metal frame, like many Samsung handsets, and more notably appears to have a 3.5mm headphone port.

Of course, this could equally be another handset or just a generic device that Samsung has mocked up to show the color-matching feature, so we wouldn’t read too much into it.

Whether or not this is the Galaxy S10, we expect to start seeing a lot more of Samsung’s upcoming flagship soon, as it’s likely to arrive in early 2019.

Via Talk Android

James Rogerson

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