Samsung could soon launch a phone with a truly all-screen front

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One of the main things that smartphone makers seem to be working towards at the moment is an all-screen design on their phones. By that we mean a front with no notch, bezel or punch-hole camera, and ideally no pop-up camera either, and it’s a goal that Samsung has reportedly reconfirmed that it’s aiming for.

According to MyDrivers, South Korean media reported that Samsung is working on a “perfect full screen”, one which could be achieved by building the camera into the screen invisibly, much like an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

This could allow for a 100% screen-to-body ratio, without relying on a pop-up camera, which is less desirable as the pop-up mechanism could be more susceptible to damage.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of an in-screen camera and with Samsung recently moving to a punch-hole camera on the likes of the Galaxy S10 it’s a tech that the company seemed to be gradually moving towards anyway, but it’s still good to hear Samsung reconfirm that this is the goal.

However, the company gave no word on when exactly we might see this, which means it’s probably not going to happen before 2020 at the earliest. Though if it were to debut in 2019 then the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would be an obvious candidate for it.

But it might not be a feature you’ll want in its first version anyway, as it’s unlikely to be perfected initially, much in the way that in-screen fingerprint scanners are currently often slower than traditional ones. Still, along with folding phones, truly all-screen ones could be one of the next big things.

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