Razor launches sharp new line of budget electric scooters

New Razor electric scooter
(Image credit: Razor)

Razor (perhaps best known for its kick-scooters for kids) has announced three new additions to its lineup of super-affordable electric scooters for adult riders.

The first of the new scooters is the EcoSmart SUP, which is designed specifically to help new riders feel more stable and comfortable. It has 16-inch diameter, air-filled tires to absorb shocks and bumps, and a wide deck that makes it easier to balance. It can reach a top speed of 15.5mph on the flat, and has a maximum range of 12 miles.

The EcoSmart SUP will be available later this month, with a suggested retail price of $449 (about £350 / AU$360). That's a competitive price that's almost the same as the world's most popular electric scooter, the Xiaomi Mijia M365, and could make it a real contender for new riders' attention.

The second new scooter is currently known as the C25, but it might get a catchier name when it launches in October. This is a more budget-oriented scooter, with smaller wheels than the EcoSmart SUP, plus solid tires and a 140W motor compared the the EcoSmart's 350W.

The C25 has a suggested retail price of $399 (about £310 / AU$560), which will make it one of the cheapest electric scooters from a well-known manufacturer.

More speed for your money

If that price still looks a bit too steep, the final scooter in Razor's new lineup is a refreshed version of the budget E300 HD model, which has been updated with a rear-wheel hub motor.

This isn't an electric scooter built for everyday commuting; instead, Razor recommends it for "recreational scooters who like to use their scooters for a quick spin around the neighborhood or for fun in the park".

Its suggested retail price is just $289 (about £230 / AU$400), but impressively for such an affordable scooter, it has a top speed of 15mph in optimal conditions. For comparison, Segway Ninebot's cheapest scooter, the ES1, has a similar price tag, but maxes out at 12.5mph.

Razor hasn't given an exact release date for the new E300 HD, but the American company says it will arrive "this fall", so we'd expect it to appear around the same time as the C25.

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